I am a yoga teacher and a workaholic!

I know what goes through your mind right now. Is that even possible?! How can a yoga teacher be addicted to anything? Isn’t yoga supposed to help us overcome addictions? Aren’t yoga teacher supposed to be happy and calm and relaxed?

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As you can read in one of my previous posts, there is no such thing as a perfect yoga teacher. We too, are humans, with everyday problems. Especially when we are trying to run our own business.


When I decided I never wanted to do a regular job again, and that I only want to do what I really love, I didn’t realize I also started walking down a very dangerous path. I never thought that there could be a downside to turning my hobby and passion into my job. I was very naive 😊


I knew beginnings can be hard, so I dedicated all my time and energy to make it work. And without even noticing, a year has passed and I am still dedicating all my time and energy to it. Don’t get me wrong, dedication and persistence are two things I never had before, and I’m proud of myself. But at the same time, I don’t know how to stop anymore. I feel like I turned my greatest passion into something completely else. Something that doesn’t bring me as much joy as it used to.


That doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do – I still enjoy teaching a lot. It is actually the only time when I’m completely at peace. When I’m teaching a yoga class, it feels like meditation to me, and it’s a great energy boost 😊 But outside of my classes I’m stressing out and constantly feeling like I’m running out of time. I don’t know how to manage my time and errands efficiently.


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When you don’t go to a regular 9-to5 job, and when your job is also your hobby and your greatest passion, it’s easy to get so caught up in it, that you no longer know how to set the limits. When I had an ordinary job, I had plenty of free time, a stable income, and a nice comfort zone. Since I started my own business, I have zero free time, I started living from one month to the other, with no financial security whatsoever. There are practically no days off, and my business is on my mind 24/7. I reply to emails and calls at all times, I teach mornings, afternoons and evenings, and I do everything else in between (website/social media editing, writing newsletters, photography editing, accounting, promotion, class planning, personal errands etc.).


That’s why I started experiencing stress and burnouts, and even if I know exactly how to handle it with yoga, I gave priority to work and didn’t take time for myself. Recently I’ve taken a few days off to go for a short holiday and recharge my batteries. And I felt like a junkie with an abstinence crisis. I had trouble keeping work off my mind, it felt strange not to be busy. I tried to meditate and I was restless, I kept looking at my phone and couldn’t stay still. It made me realize that even if I’m a yoga teacher, I’m not immune to stress and addiction. I thought this could never happen to me if I practice yoga regularly, but truth is, I don’t even take enough time for my personal practice anymore.


There were a lot of ups and downs in the past year, and a lot of times I wanted to give up. I played with the idea of going back to a regular job, but just the thought of it made me sick. That’s what gave me motivation to keep going, to keep following my dreams, even if at times it can get tough.


The good thing is, I learned a lot about myself. This experience helped me let go of some patterns and expectations. It taught me to trust and believe in myself and my path. I know now that everything is just as it should be, and I see a lesson in everything that happens to me. I’m my own boss, I am building something great and I love what I do. I have a vision and I’m following it.


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Photo: Your Sweet Little Memory


So now, at the beginning of a new training season, I decided to make some changes. I will economize my time and dedicate it to things that really matter, I will make a working schedule and try to follow it, I will spend more time with people I love, and what’s most important, I will take more time for myself. This will not only benefit me, but also all the people around me, my students, my friends, my family.


It’s good to have a goal and pursue it, but being too focused on the future is what causes stress. Staying in the present moment, being grateful for everything we have right now, and enjoying right here and right now, that’s what is important. Focusing on today, because tomorrow might never come.


Let me know if you are experiencing something similar and let’s deal with it together 😊




5 surprising things that happened after I went vegan



It’s been roughly a year since I decided to go vegan. For the first few months nothing special happened because I was living in Vancouver which is vegan heaven. I enjoyed exploring all the new vegan tastes, restaurants, ice creams , burgers, burritos… It was awesome! All the coffee shops had almond and soy milk, people were congratulating me for choosing such a healthy lifestyle. Or they just didn’t care because they were minding their own business 😀 Then I moved to Slovenia… and 5 surprising things happened.


1. I didn’t die!

I stopped eating food that is essential for my survival and … nothing happened! I thought I was going to die, or at least get hospitalized. But nothing! Even worse: my health is so much better than before, I haven’t been sick since, and even if I start getting sick, my immune system is so strong that after a day I’m completely ok! Strange…




2. I learned one can be allergic to the word »vegan«

Before I didn’t realize that allergy to words existed, but apparently it’s very common in Slovenia and some other similar-minded countries. Symptoms include sudden anger and hate attacks, triggered by the fear of vegans (because rumor has it they can be very aggressive and will force you to eat only vegetables!), a strong desire to interfere with other people’s lives and prove your superiority, a strong need to make fun of a person who cares about animals and their health, and the loss of all tolerance. This of course can affect your heart rate, blood pressure and so on, and if we don’t want to cause a heart attack, better to avoid that word.



3. I realized I’m surrounded with nutrition experts

It’s so good to have people around who will give you advice on what to eat in order to stay healthy, on how many proteins you need, and where to get those proteins in order to stay alive! It’s so inspiring, these people are all so talented that they didn’t even have to study nutrition, but they JUST KNOW all the facts! And what’s even better: they will give you their advice completely for free, without you even asking! Isn’t that just amazing? I feel so safe now that I know so many people care for me (even complete strangers!), and I don’t mind at all when they constantly look at my plate, and worry about my proteins, because I know they just want to help me. True Samaritans!


4. Drop the cheese and lose your friends!

Cheese is even more important in our lives than meat. People who stop eating cheese are weirdos. And nobody wants to hang out with a weirdo! So if you want people to stop calling you or coming over for lunch/dinner, just drop the cheese. Because even if you put avocado in the salad instead of cheese, it’s JUST NOT THE SAME, and people will not eat that! Because without the cheese it just becomes … the word that shall not be mentioned in order to avoid allergic reactions.



5. Vegans are spoiling the holidays

It’s against tradition not to eat animal products. Every holiday is about eating animals and that’s the only purpose of every celebration. And it’s because humans live like that since forever. We are hunters! We prepare for the battle, sit into our cars, drive to the supermarket, buy that peace of animal wrapped in plastic, and bring it home to feed the family. Yeah! We go to work so we can pay other people to kill and torture thousands of animals in factories, because this is what our ancestors did for thousands of years! And these vegans want to spoil it all, kill our tradition! Better to kill animals than tradition. Amen!



Wake up world!

I live in a world/country/family where it’s considered wrong to kill people, but completely normal to kill animals. Slavery of people is considered wrong, but using animals for our amusement, exploitation, fun or food is completely ok. I live in a world/country/family that will consider me a weirdo for my choices that don’t hurt anyone, but will support and encourage the killing and torture of other beings, alcoholism, violence and other behaviours that clearly hurt others. I live in a place where meat eaters are constantly attacking me for what I eat, and yet I am considered intrusive when I try to raise awareness on social media. It’s hard when your eyes are wide open, but so many people around you are still asleep.


But you know what, even slavery was considered normal not so long ago.


Go vegan!







To everyone who thinks yoga teachers should be perfect (including myself)

We all have certain expectations of certain people. Teachers should love children, policemen should never break the law, pilots shouldn’t be afraid of heights. Yoga teachers should be flexible, skinny, healthy, calm, happy and enlightened, right?!



The perfect Crow pose


First let me apologize for not posting anything for such a long time. My excuse is very lame: I didn’t have time. Let me rephrase that: I didn’t TAKE time.


Starting a business is hard and takes a lot of time and energy. If you want to survive you have to dedicate all your free time to work. However, when you are doing something you love there is basically no difference between work and pleasure. This might sound nice. If you do what you love then everything is pleasure, right?


Not exactly. It’s pretty easy to get trapped and all of a sudden it’s all you think or talk about, and you are unable to disconnect, to relax. At least this was the case with me, and it sometimes still is. But I am working on it 🙂


Letting go of expectations

Many people (including me) have a certain image in their minds about how a yoga teacher should look like, act like, live and react to life situations. I am the first one who is going to judge a yoga teacher if he or she eats meat, because of my personal experience: if you really follow the path of yoga then you know that non-violence towards other beings is one of the first steps. But on the other hand, I am often reacting to people and situations in a very violent way. Yes, I still have a lot to work on 😊


Many of my students see me as the calmest person in the world, who lives in peace and harmony and loves everyone 😀 I might even look like that sometimes in the yoga class, because I do feel at peace when I am doing what I love the most: teach yoga. But I am only human, when I leave the class I go to my everyday problems, I also have to pay the bills, I also struggle to make it through the month, I have to deal with relationships, I am stressed, I too have my dark side, I too have a problem finding time for my personal yoga practice, I don’t always have the best reactions to people/situations, I make so many mistakes I stopped counting, sometimes I eat a whole bag of cookies, I can be mean to people, and I too have to work on improving myself every single day. But you know what? I am aware and I am doing my best. And that is what matters.



Trying to be perfect kicks you out of balance. (The Falling Crow pose 😂)


So to everyone who thinks yoga teachers (or anyone else) should be perfect (a note to myself too): we are all doing our best, in the way we know best. Yoga teachers are not here to show perfection, but to let others know we are all on the same boat, to motivate and inspire, and to be the best example they can be.


Being the change we want to see in the world. Getting better at the yoga poses is just a nice side effect 😉




Let me be me

I have to say I am really excited about the year 2018. Not that I pay much attention to the calendar and I’m not the »new year, new beginnings« kind of person either. It just so happens that I see a lot of opportunities coming my way in the near future  and I am starting many new projects next year that I am very excited about.

I recently watched a documentary Vegan 2017 and it filled me with optimism and hope. The world is changing slowly, people are waking up and there will come a day when I will not be considered a freak anymore 🙂


The Christmas holidays are somehow bittersweet for me lately. I like the lights, gifts, family time and food, but I also find myself in uncomfortable positions more often. I am being constantly judged by others at every holiday event or dinner just because of my way of life, my choices, because of being what I am – and I have to say that my way of life doesn’t really hurt anyone. Even if I know that my way is the right way and eventually people will open their eyes and understand, I am still so tired of explaining myself at every family dinner and every celebration, because that is the time when I just want to enjoy myself. So in 2018 I would like to see more compassion, understanding and tolerance. And I would like everyone to let others BE.

I’m sure now you think that all I am talking about is me being vegan, right? Just because I mentioned the documentary at the beginning. Well you are wrong. There are so many things that inspire people to make me their target 😀 Choose one: I’m a yoga teacher and do that for a living (yes, only that), I don’t drink (no, not even champagne), I don’t consume animal products (yes I can live without cheese), I try to reduce waste and live a healthy lifestyle, I care about the environment, I am not a typical consumer (no I’m not going to buy those useless small perfume balls for the washing machine and I am not interested in getting rich with Amway!), I use natural cosmetics, I don’t want to have children (no, I don’t have fertility problems and even if I had them, that’s none of your business) and I don’t want to live a typical life of mortgages and debts… The funniest thing is people think I am somehow living this acetic life and that I need a lot of self-discipline to maintain this way of living (some people even commented that »I am still searching myself«, implying that all this would change once I truly »found myself«. LOL, what a joke!). When the truth is, these are all things that naturally left my life as I progressed spiritually, and this brought me immense freedom. But that’s all ok, even I was blind once. Very blind, actually. I just don’t remember being so annoying towards the non-blind. Well, my memory isn’t that good anyway 😁

I wish people payed so much attention to themselves as they are to others. That they would analyze their own habits and lives instead of interfering with other people’s ways of living. Our lives would be easier and the world would be a much better place. Some places in the world already are that great and I am so happy I had the chance to live there. I miss Rishikesh in India, the town where you can meet like-minded yogis and there is only vegetarian food (meat is prohibited in the whole sacred town). And of course, I miss Vancouver in Canada, where everyone eats vegan food because it’s healthy (even if they are not vegan!) and where there probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t been to a yoga class at least once in their life. I wish people traveled more! On the other hand, even traveling doesn’t open some very closed minds, unfortunately.

But I must say I am also very proud of Slovenia. Coming back here I was worried, I admit, because it isn’t the most open-minded country. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vegan restaurants and open-minded people, friends who support and accept me the way I am. So yes, there are still a lot of people poking me, making fun of me and being incredibly mean to me at parties, but I am optimistic about the future. It will get better, and I will continue to do my best being a great example of this amazing lifestyle, that is the right lifestyle. For me, for other people, for animals, for the planet.

Let’s all bring more awareness into this year and make the world a better place!


Happy new year!





Seasons of life

Autumn is the time for transformation and change is inevitable in nature. Soon after all the leaves fall off the trees, the cold winter will show its teeth. As we are getting closer to the ending of another year, some people are facing the winter of their lives. And when the snow melts, the nature awakes, the birds start to sing and the flowers bloom, they will not be there with us to witness it. But it’s ok.


Death is a big part of life, if not the biggest. Osho says that all our fears come from one: the fear of death. This means that death affects all areas of our life, even when nobody is dying! Sometimes we are so afraid of dying that we forget to live!

I have been working hard to accept death and my brain knows and understands it’s a normal part of life, and I think I can say that I am not that terrified to die. I am also doing my best to accept other people’s deaths, because that – unfortunately – is something I can’t control. But this doesn’t make losing someone any easier.

I believe there are two types of events in life: the ones that depend on our actions and the ones that we have no control of. Mostly we are not even aware of all the things that we can influence with our thoughts and actions. As for the events we can’t change… they are usually not OUR business – they are other people’s things and they depend on their thoughts and actions. And then there’s nature, which can sometimes be amazing, but other times we can find it pretty cruel. There are quite a few things in life we can’t change. And those things we need to ACCEPT.

As the seasons change in nature, they also do in our life. Change is always present, nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes change brings warmth and the blooming of flowers, and other times it brings cold harsh winds and snow storms. I think accepting change is the way out of suffering. But it’s not an easy way.

From a Buddhist point of view, suffering comes from attachment. I know, this principle may seem very cold, but it is actually the complete opposite. Buddhism is all about love and compassion – towards all beings. I know what you are thinking now – detachment is not easy when you are losing someone you love, and I agree. But what is easy anyway? There is no easy road out of suffering.

Don’t worry, I am getting to the more optimistic part 🙂

The sun always shines after the rain


There is one more very important thing we can learn from nature: that no matter how hard the rain falls, no matter how bad the storm, the sun will always shine again! 🙂 We will get through the hard times. And we will learn a lot.

What strikes me the most when someone dies, is that I will never see that person again. And then regret usually kicks in, regret about all the things that I didn’t say to this person, all the time I wasted instead of spending it with them, regret of all the fights I had with them… We all have the same regrets. So what can we learn from that? To be grateful for everyone we love and still have in our lives, to spend time with them while we still can, to not waste time for stupid fights and appreciate every moment we have with them. Change your behavior and actions while they are still here.

And if a person that is close to you is dropping the last leaves off their tree and is preparing for their winter, be there to keep them warm.

Goodbyes are hard, but be grateful if you get the chance to say goodbye.





11.11. is a special date for me, and it also marks a few anniversaries. One of them is the beginning of this blog a few years back 🙂 That’s why I decided to re-post my first post here:


It’s not a coincidence that I’m starting this blog today. And it’s not a coincidence the first post is uploaded at 11:11 (GMT). Well, there are no coincidences anyway 🙂

The numbers are an important part of my life, although I haven’t really found out what is the meaning behind all of them yet. Here’s just a few examples of the dates in my life. I was born on 5.5.1985 at 5.25pm. I finished university in 2009, the defense of my thesis was on 09.09.09 at 9am. I got my first real job on 10.10.10.

And then there’s 11.11.11. I’d say that on this day my spiritual journey began. It’s a very important date for me. Around that time I started seeing 11.11 all the time, every day, everywhere. Of course I had to look into that 🙂

How often do you see 11:11?

There are thousands of people all over the world that are constantly seeing the number 11 or 1111. I’m sure it happened to all of us, it’s just a matter of how often you see it and how much you pay attention. It can appear on the clock, on car registration plates and so on. I saw a documentary about this phenomenon when I was still a child but unfortunately I don’t remember much of it, not even the title 😦 I forgot about it for several years. Then a few years back it started appearing in my life. At first I didn’t know anything about it, but when it happens you feel it has a special, maybe even magical, connotation. I don’t want to sound too crazy and I don’t know how to explain everything. I just had the feeling that it means something and I googled it. I read a lot about the 11:11 phenomenon but I think the experience can be different for everyone.

Wake up!

In general it’s a kind of »wake up call«. It can signify our spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. Some people believe that it’s the angels communicating with us, others say that when you see this number you should pay attention to what you’re either doing or thinking at that particular moment. 11.11 also refferrs to a global consciousness – when you see 11:11 you feel connected with the Universe and everyone else who is currently experiencing this phenomenon.

The number 11 is also very important in numerology. It’s a Master Number, which means it’s a double digit of the same number, and when this occurs the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. The very basic understanding of the number 1 is that of new beginnings and purity. When we see this digit doubled as with the eleven then these attributes double in strength. 11 represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius. It symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. You can’t deny that 11 is a very powerful number.

I see the number 11.11 mostly on clocks. And I don’t see it all the time. There were periods in the recent years when I was seeing the numbers all the time and periods when I haven’t seen them at all. I’ve learned that for me they mean »Be aware, something big is coming.« And by big I mean spiritually big for me. All my spiritual awakenings (yeah i had a bunch of small ones haha) came after a period of seeing 11.11 all the time. Sometimes it brings a really crazy and hard period first, but after that there’s always something great. Because of course, our spiritual growth comes from hard times.

Fun facts

Here are some interesting facts about the number 11 that I found online:

  • Saint Augustine stated that “the number 11 is the blazon of sin”. In the Bible Eleven was considered a symbol of internal conflict and rebellion.
  • The First World War ended on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
  • Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
  • In the Tarot, eleven is the card of Strength or Justice. Justice symbolizes balance between the spiritual and material world.
  • The deepest known point of the ocean is at Callenger Deep, Marina Trench located in the Pacific Ocean. The depth is 11 km.
  • Nelson Mandela became the 11th president of South Africa in 1994.
  • New York became the eleventh state of the United States on July 26, 1788. The first plane to hit the World Trade Center (North Tower) on September 11, 2001, was American Airlines Flight 11. September 11th is the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4=11
  • There are eleven players on a soccer team, on an American football team, on a cricket team, as well as on a field hockey team.

Some people say it’s a coincidence, others say it’s not. I’ll have another post about coincidences soon, so stay tuned!








The 4 questions yoga helped me answer


When I first stepped on the yoga mat five years ago, I had no idea I was embarking on the greatest adventure of my life. Yoga did not only take me around the world, it also took me on a more important journey – the one within. That is also where I found the answers to these four important questions:

How do you feel?

If you asked me this question five years ago, my answer would most probably be: “I don’t know.” Before I started my yoga practice, I had no idea what was going on in my body or mind. I wasn’t aware of my emotions and of the reasons behind my actions. I didn’t know how to listen to what my body was telling me. By simply being aware of sensations during the asana practice, and then slowly expanding this awareness into my everyday life, things gradually changed. Being able to recognize my sensations, feelings or fears, also gives me the ability to act upon them. For example, if I am having trouble keeping a job or a relationship, and I recognize that the reason for this is my fear of commitment, I will know what I have to work on in order to resolve the problem.

Who are you?

We usually answer this question with our name. But we are not our name, our profession or nationality. We are not the image we create about ourselves. Who are we really? I used to think I knew exactly who I was. With the help of yoga I realized I didn’t know myself at all. Through the practice of awareness, I got to know myself better and discovered some pretty amazing things. For example, I always thought the worst people in the world were hypocrites. Until I realized I was one. All my life I have been saying how much I loved animals, but on the other hand I was eating them and supporting their killing and torture. This also made me realize how many things in life we do without even thinking. We go elephant riding without even considering that elephants may not enjoy the ride. They are wild animals that have to go through a very cruel taming for people to ride them. If we stopped for a moment and really thought about our actions, I’m sure some of them would look pretty absurd to us. Which brings me to the next question.

What do you want?

A degree, a job, a house, a car, children? Is that really what YOU want? When I started asking myself those questions, things got very interesting. I realized I was living a dream – it just wasn’t my dream. I was doing everything that was expected from me, and I never bothered to think if this was really something I wanted. If someone told me 5 years ago I was going to become a yoga teacher, I would probably tell them they were crazy! And yet, here I am, knowing that this is really MY dream.

Where are you going?

Even if yoga has taught me to live in the present moment, it also showed me the importance of having a direction. It gives me motivation and prevents stagnation. Too much planning means living in the future, but having certain goals keeps us moving forward and growing. After all, yoga is a journey. And not just any journey, it is THE journey. Like the traveler explores different places around the globe, the yoga practitioner explores their inner world. It is a great adventure that is different for everyone. That is what makes it so special, it is your own journey that no one else can take. So embark on Y.O.G.A., embark on Your Own Great Adventure.



We live and we learn. Yogatraveljobs.com: scam?

I have very serious trust issues. That’s probably the reason why in all my travels around the world I rarely get scammed. Most of the time I’m very careful with people and if a stranger is too nice to me, it’s a red flag. It’s good to be careful when you are travelling, but sometimes I envy the naive travellers who are nice to everyone – it looks to me like their openness brings more adventure their way.

As I said, I don’t get scammed a lot. I overpay some things here and there (specially in India!) but that’s basically it. My biggest loss was 50 euros and it wasn’t a lot of money for me at the time, but I still remember how bad I felt when I realized I got scammed! It was in Shanghai, China and I fell for the famous Tea ceremony scam – you should definitely google it if you are planning to go to China, because these guys are REALLY good!

We all do mistakes, trust people we shouldn’t trust and so on. But all this is part of life and it’s all there to give us an opportunity to learn. I like to share my mistakes so others can learn from them to.

Remember my post about the website Yogatraveljobs.com? Unfortunately I had to delete it as it turned out to be a scam. Well, not sure about the jobs they post (so far I only got one reply to my applications, which I also find really strange). But a few months ago there was a posting for a writing job for Yogatraveljobs. They said they needed people to write about yoga for their blog and of course I applied. I received an email from Nicholas Schneider saying that they got around 50 applications and were in the process of selecting their writers. So they needed me to do one or both of the following:

1) Submit a personal trial piece of a personal yoga experience of yourself. It could be a yoga travel, a yoga teaching experience or something else. We will publish it on our blog and if we like it we will proceed to work with you.

We don’t pay for trial pieces and if we proceed with you we start with 30 € / article (500-700 words).


2) You can publish a post about yogatraveljobs on your own blog. We will have a look into it and if we like it we will also proceed with you. We will pay you 30 € for the publishing – if we work with you or not.

Please tell is if you would do one (or both) options.

This is copied from his email. I decided to to both and emailed Nicholas several times, but never got a reply. I sent him the trial piece, I sent him the link to my blog post and a few emails to check why he is not replying. NOTHING. Even if they didn’t like my trial piece they should still pay me for it, at least this is what they said. I see they still advertise they are looking for writers, so I just wanted to warn everyone that was thinking to apply: don’t waste your time!

I don’t usually just go and write nice things about someone or something on my blog. I always do my research. Even if I was following Yogatraveljobs for some time, I still checked it before writing about it, but I didn’t find anything fishy about the website. I don’t know what happened in this case, I just know it’s very strange and I felt the need to share it with you. I don’t want other people making the same mistake 🙂

Luckily it didn’t cost me anything, but my time. As for the trial piece, I will post it on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!



What is your body telling you?



First of all, I apologize for not posting for a while now. I’ve been really busy with moving to the other side of the planet, getting a new job, and all that. After a month here I am all settled in, and trying to enjoy the benefits of this city. So this is my first post from my new home: Vancouver, Canada 😊

Since I got here I’ve had a pretty bad cold, I burned my both arms, and I cut my fingers several times. By accident, of course 😀 I am a clumsy person, but this was just too much clumsiness at once. So I decided to research it and I stumbled across this great book by Lise Bourbeau: Your body is telling you: Love Yourself! (The most complete book on metaphysical causes of illnesses and diseases).


I’ve known and felt for a long time that most of our diseases are psychosomatic. I was also talking about this in my Yoga Nidra workshop that I prepared last month. Many people (including my mom) laugh at me when I say that there is a psychological cause for every illness or injury. But there’s more and more scientific proof that this is true. And if you don’t believe these facts, at least believe what your body is telling you. The more you tune in and listen to yourself and your body, the more it makes sense.


I like the way Bourbeau says that every illness or disease indicates the need to change in our belief system and tells us that we have reached our physical and psychological limits. The body is communicating to us that our way of thinking (even if unconscious) is out of harmony with what is beneficial to our being. Modern medicine treats illnesses as enemies that are attacking the body, but in reality they are a gift whose purpose is to bring back the equilibrium in our being.

“The physical body does not create illness because the physical body can do nothing by itself. What maintains its life is our soul, our inner self. Illness is a direct result of an imbalance of the inner realm that is manifested in the physical body.” Lise Bourbeau


What I found really interesting (especially after hurting myself so many times!) was that there’s also a reason behind every accident. Accidents are usually a way to punish ourselves when we feel guilty about something. So the next time you accidentally kick into the side of the bed, or you burn yourself, just notice what you were thinking about when it happened. I’m sure you will discover something very interesting!


You don’t have to blindly believe everything that is written in this or any other book. It should be just a guide that helps you find the reasons behind your problems. And most of the time, if you really listen to your body, you will know exactly which causes are relevant in your case.

I am recommending this book because it helped me find some of the causes for my problems (step one) and now I can start working on resolving these issues (step two). I am definitely going to read more about metaphysical causes for diseases. If you know any other great book on the topic, please do let me know!


At this point I would like to recommend Yoga Nidra again. It’s a great way of releasing stress (which is the cause of many diseases today), but also in finding the reasons behind any of the problems you might have. If you would like to give it a try, let me know and I can make a guided relaxation just for you!


Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful June! 🙂


10 ways to a happy life


“I lived in Dubai for 2 years, then I went to India for 3 months, I’m on my way back to India for one more month and after that I’m heading to Canada,” I was telling a businessman who was sitting next to me on the airplane. He stared at me in admiration and then asked me: “What is your secret?” He was also traveling a lot, but those were business trips that didn’t leave him much free time. He told me how many cars and houses he had, but was still working his butt off to earn more and more… He was a living proof that money doesn’t make you happy and at some level he was aware of that. He told me he wants to live more like me and asked me for advice. A rich businessman asking me for advice?? 😀 All I could say was: stop working so hard and start enjoying life. And if you don’t do that, life will find a way to force you.

He wasn’t the only one. I can’t believe how many people ask me for the recipe to a happy life. So I decided to write it down. I know there’s billions of articles like this one, and I recommend you read every single one of them 😊 Here are my 10 ways to a happy life:

1. Follow your dreams

By this I mean simply that you do the things you like. It’s such a simple thing, but so many people are still not doing it! We get so caught up in things we don’t like, that we don’t take time for the things that truly make us happy. Is cleaning the house really more important than taking a walk in the nature on a sunny spring day?? Is a boring desk job really better than traveling the world??

Maybe what you like is not always easily accessible, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! If you really want something and you are ready to work for it, then you can achieve anything. You don’t necessarily have to make a career out of it, the important thing is that you enjoy doing it. If it’s the right thing for you it will eventually find it’s way into a career anyway.

I’ve always tried to live my life by doing what I liked. I pursued my dream of becoming a journalist and I did that for as long as I could enjoy it. I decided I want to travel the world and I’m traveling the world. I wanted to become a yoga teacher and I did it. I like photography and writing I’m doing it. Especially for the last 8 months I’ve been doing only the things I like. Because of that I can say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. The things you like will not always make you rich with money, but they will make you rich, I promise you that.

This brings me to my next point:

2. Money does not bring happiness. Period.

A lot of people will make everything in their lives about money. Their jobs, relationships, decisions will be money-based. Many think that money can buy happiness, so they try to get more and more. But in the pursuit of money they often loose themselves.

If money – and everything that we can buy with it – really makes us so happy, why are most of the rich people in the world so unhappy? Why famous stars have all these drug and alcohol addictions, divorces, health issues? Why are they never happy with their appeareance, with all the fancy clothes, diets, plastic surgery? Money and materialistic things take our attention outside ourselves, which makes us more and more disconnected from our true inner self. And this only causes suffering.

Trying to ease the suffering with materialistic distractions, drugs, alcohol and other similar things, will never help. The only way out of suffering is the way in.

I’m not saying that people with no money are always happier. Unfortunately we live in a world in which living without any money is almost impossible. We all need it and we all have money related problems. I know how it feels when you don’t know how you are going to pay the bills or buy food, and I know the feeling of not having to worry about money. I’ve been down both roads. Living in Dubai for 2 years made me learn first-hand how bad a materialistically driven society can be. So I guess what I’m saying is: don’t get to attached to money. It’s something we need to function in this world, a necessary evil, so to say. If you don’t have a lot of money don’t stress about it, trust you will always have enough. And if you have a lot, be happy with it and stay modest.

3. Less is more

Detachment is an important step towards happiness. I recently learned that the less possessions I have, the better I feel. When I try to fit all my belongings (that are now 10 times less than they used to be!) in boxes in my mom’s small apartment, I sometimes find myself feeling almost anxious about it. It feels like they are a heavy burden that doesn’t allow me to breathe properly. A few months ago I decided to sell my books. I was very attached to them, but getting rid of them made so much space – not just literally but also metaphorically. Having less materialistic possessions in your life sets you free. When you realize you don’t need that much you can live a happier life.

4. Live in the now

It’s easier said than done, but it’s one of the most important steps to a happy life. All the stress, fears, anxiety and worries are related to the future. If we live in the present moment and don’t think about the future, all those things cannot exist. Simple! Even if it’s a simple logic it’s very hard to achieve. Our lives are all about the future: we go to school so in the future we will get a job, we work so we will earn money and we will be able to buy a house and a car, then we will work for our children and our retirement… We can’t wait for the end of the shift, for the weekend, for holidays… we are always so focused on enjoyment in the future that we don’t enjoy the present moment. But the key is to make the present moment nice and enjoyable, not to suffer for something that may never come. What if tomorrow never comes? Don’t be too sure it will. Focusing more on the now is a daily effort but it makes us truly enjoy every moment of our lives.

5.If you don’t like something about your life – change it!

We like to complain about so many things in life, thinking it’s not in our power to change them. Guess what – there’s always a way! You ALWAYS have the option to change something you don’t like about your life, whether it’s your weight, your personality, your job or your partner. It might not be possible to change it straight away, but work out a plan and do it. It may take time and effort but ANYTHING is possible. So stop making up excuses and start looking for solutions!


6. Do something creative

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of our lives. I would say it’s almost as important as food and water. These feed our bodies and creativity feeds our soul. I think the happiest people in the world are the ones who have jobs where they can use their creativity on a daily basis. Even if you are not one of them, doing something creative in your free time is very important. There is a variety of creative activities you can choose from: painting, drawing, music, writing, photography… The result of the activity is not even important, what matters is that you get so overwhelmed by it that the outside world disappears, you forget about time and sometimes you even forget to eat or drink. The past and the present disappear and you are focused only on the present moment, which brings you immense peace and joy.

7. Take care of your body

Being healthy is considered one of the main conditions for happiness. But many people still think health is something that just falls down from the sky. Some are still unaware of how important exercise and diet are for our happiness.

It’s simple: the more you take care of your body, the healthier you are, which means you are also happier. By making sure you keep your body healthy you are also improving your self-esteem and being loving towards yourself. Loving yourself is the foundation of healthy, loving relationships with others.

8. We need meaningful relationships

Living in Dubai and talking to people who still live there has taught me a lot about relationships too. Unfortunately, most of the interactions between people there are as fake as the city in the middle of the desert can be. Most foreigners that live in Dubai will tell you this is what makes them unhappy. I learned that just spending time with people that we don’t feel that close, is not enough on a long term. Meeting new people is great and we can learn a lot from that, but as humans we cannot live without deeper connections with true friends, family, partners. Without that we feel lonely even when we are surrounded by people. On a long term, we need someone who loves us and whom we can trust. So don’t hang out with people just to spend time, but invest in meaningful relationships instead. And remember: how can you be happy if there’s nobody to share the happiness with?


9.Take time for yourself – learn to be alone

You also need to invest in the relationship with yourself. This is the most important relationship in your life, as it determines all the other relationships.

We tend to keep ourselves busy all the time, just so we don’t have to face ourselves. I guess we are afraid of what we are going to find there. We watch TV, we drink, we fill our time with work, people or we even make children, just so there’s no time left for being alone with ourselves. But if we don’t get to know ourselves better we can never be happy. For one, we will never know what truly makes us happy and we will continue doing the wrong things.

So take time every day for yourself. Learn to be alone. Sit with your thoughts, without any distractions and just observe. I promise you will learn so much, even if you just do it for 10 minutes a day!

10. Stay out of the comfort zone

The comfort zone is a very dangerous thing, because it’s so easy to get stuck in it. It’s when things are neither very good or very bad, but an average. It’s the zone where you don’t need a lot of effort to live a perfectly safe life, with no bigger threats and sacrifices. But it’s also very B-O-R-I-N-G!

The biggest obstacle in coming out of the comfort zone is fear. If you don’t really like your current job, but it’s giving you a solid paycheck, fear will tell you: “Don’t live this job, what if you can’t find another one with such a good salary? Your life is fine as it is, don’t change anything!” But if you don’t give into fear you know that there are so many better possibilities outside of the comfort zone! So don’t let fears control your life, they are always wrong. I try to live my life doing the things that scare me the most, because I’ve found that the best things in life come out of these decisions. Overcoming fears not only gives you strength, but allows you to grow and become a better person.


There’s no big secret to a happy life. If you want to be happy you need to understand that happiness is not the feeling that comes from materialistic and outside things. It’s something that you find when you look inside. So my biggest advice – and at the same time my motto – is: get to know yourself, do the things you like and change the ones you don’t!

I would love to hear from you, so let me know if you have any tips that I didn’t mention!

Be happy,