Nush Photohgraphy is about the beauty in small everyday things that – at first sight – don’t look like anything special. It shows that this beauty is everywhere around us, we just need to pay attention.


I bought my Nikon D5100 in 2013 and started photography as a way to express my creativity. From photographing nature, sunsets and family reunions 😀 I went to shooting events and concerts. I also did some travel photography. Soon I realized that I was most attracted to portrait photography. I like taking photos of people. I try to catch their natural expressions rather than overwhelm them with instructions to do a perfect pose.

One of my latest passion is Yoga Photography which combines two of my greatest passions: yoga and photography 🙂

Feel free to have a look at my photos!

Yoga Photography

I have been looking for ways to combine two or more of my passions. In the beginning of 2107 I started with Yoga Photography and I really enjoy it! I took most of these photos in Rishikesh, India. Some of them are taken in Slovenia.  


Portrait photography is one of my favorites! My models are ordinary people, and my goal is to show we are all beautiful 🙂 Keeping the photos as natural as possible…  


My friend makes FlowerPower Natural cosmetics and she asked me to take a few photos of her products. This made me discover a new passion: product photography! I tried to put as much love into the photos as she puts in the making of her products 🙂   I also took some photos of my … Continue reading PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY