Class schedule – Urnik in lokacije

Urnik vadb od septembra do junija / Class schedule from September to June:

urnik 2018-19 - nov januar 2019

Vadbe joge potekajo v Ljubljani, Kopru in Luciji. Večina jih je primernih tako za začetnike kot tiste bolj izkušene, saj jih prilagajamo skupini (izjema je četrtkova vadba v Luciji, ki je nekoliko bolj zahtevna). Stil joge je kombinacija Hatha in Vinyasa joge. Občasno vadbe potekajo v angleščini, saj se jih udeležujejo tudi tujci. Blazine so na voljo na večini lokacij, vendar se iz higienskih in energetskih razlogov priporoča, da imate svojo (lahko jo naročite tudi pri meni).

The classes take place in Ljubljana, Koper and Lucija. Most of them are suitable for beginners and for more experienced yogis, as I try to adapt them to everyone (only the Thursday class in Lucija is slightly more advanced). The yoga style is a mix between Hatha and Vinyasa. The Monday class in Ljubljana Bežigrad is in English, but other classes can be also done in English in case you don’t speak Slovene. Yoga mats are available at most locations but it is recommended that you bring your own mat, for hygienic and energetic reasons (you can order a mat with me).

***Obvezna prijava na vadbe na tej povezavi / Booking a class is mandatory if you want to attend at any location:



In her yoga classes, Nuša leads us through different types of practice with her positive energy. She selects a different topic for every practice, which I really like because I always learn something new. It’s different every time.


I met Nuša during her travel in Rishikesh, India, where she sought a place to teach Chakra Based Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I gladly offered her a spot in my yoga school’s timetable, which turned out to be a productive exchange. The common feedback is that, with her guidance, although the studio is situated near the road with some distracting noise from passing cars, the students are able benefit fully from the practice, without feeling disturbed. Having her for a month was a blessing.

Helen Prieto Bhalla, Marichi Yoga School

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