Private sessions – individualne ure


Za vse, ki se mojih ur joge ne morete udeležiti, ali pa bi le radi poglobili svojo prakso, ponujam možnost individualnih ur ena-na-ena, za pare ali manjše skupine. Individualne ure pripravim glede na vaše želje in potrebe, ter se osredotočim na vaje, ki bodo najbolj koristile VAM.


60min individualna ura joge za 1-2 osebi: 40eur

60min individualna ura joge za 3-4 osebe: 60eur

Če kupite komplet 10 ur, dobite eno dodatno uro brezplačno!

*Cene veljajo za individualne ure pri vas doma ali v prostoru, ki ga zagotovite sami. Če primernega prostora nimate, ga lahko poiščem jaz, a ceno najemnine krije stranka. Če živite predaleč ali se nahajate v tujini je možno individualne ure opraviti tudi preko Skypa.


I offer one-on-one yoga sessions for everyone who can’t attend my group classes or would just like to deepen their own practice. I create the classes based on your needs, focusing on the practices that are most beneficial to you.



60min yoga session for 1-2 people: 40eur

60min yoga session for 3-4 people: 60eur

If you buy 10 classes, you get one extra – for free!

*Prices are valid for sessions at your home or a space that you provide. If you don’t have a space available, I can find a suitable space, but the cost of rent is payed by the customer. If you live abroad individual sessions can also be done via Skype.

In her yoga classes, Nuša leads us through different types of practice with her positive energy. She selects a different topic for every practice, which I really like because I always learn something new. It’s different every time.


I met Nuša during her travel in Rishikesh, India, where she sought a place to teach Chakra Based Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I gladly offered her a spot in my yoga school’s timetable, which turned out to be a productive exchange. The common feedback is that, with her guidance, although the studio is situated near the road with some distracting noise from passing cars, the students are able benefit fully from the practice, without feeling disturbed. Having her for a month was a blessing.

Helen Prieto, Marichi Yoga School

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